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Locatie Driessen Food Extrusion
11 September 2023

Local and Sustainable: Elevate Your Choices with Driessen Food Extrusion!

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Extruded products like TVP's, coatings, cereal ingredients, and snacks often travel long distances to reach Europe, resulting in a hefty carbon footprint. But there's a better way! Introducing Driessen Food Extrusion, your local and top-quality solution.

Nestled in Deurne, The Netherlands, we're strategically positioned to serve customers across Northern, Western, and Central Europe. By choosing us, you're not just opting for expertly crafted products – you're championing sustainability. Our local production slashes transportation emissions and offers fresher delights. 
Embrace quicker turnaround times, support local businesses, and reduce your environmental impact – all by making Driessen Food Extrusion your preferred choice.
Ready to take the leap toward a greener future? Partner with us and join the movement!