Enter our world of extrusion 

Extrusion is a complex technique. Learn here what extrusion entails technically, what the benefits of extrusion are, and how the specialists at DFE deal with this complex technique.


What is extrusion? 

DFE uses so-called Twinscrew extruders. This is an advanced production technique in which a set of two screws rotate in the same direction to mix, heat, and transform powdered ingredients with the addition of water.

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These screws are placed within a cylindrical chamber, rotate synchronously, and provide intense mixing and transport of the food material.

As the mixture moves through the extruder, it is subjected to both mechanical and thermal energy. This combination leads to changes in the texture and structure of the ingredients.

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desired size and shape 

After passing through the screws, the processed mixture reaches the die, which shapes the material into the desired size and shape. Once the extruded product comes out of the die and expands, it is cut off.

After the extrusion step, the material can be dried to the desired moisture content.


Complex technique

Extrusion is a complex interplay of numerous variables. Where raw materials fluctuate due to harvest results, and countless parameters such as processing temperature, screw configuration, water supply, residence time, and rotation speed come into play, expertise prevails among our experts.

DFE's team delves deep into these technical challenges and uses their extensive experience to quickly find the perfect balance. Every detail is optimized. DFE is your partner pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Let's shape the future of extrusion together.

benefits of extrusion
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One of the most noticeable benefits of extrusion is the ability to achieve unparalleled crispiness. Who doesn't love that perfect crunch when biting into a snack? Thanks to extrusion, exact desired crispiness can be consistently achieved.

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In addition, texture is a crucial element that influences the perception and appreciation of food. Using extrusion, various textures can be created, from soft and spongy to firm and dense, resulting in a versatile palette of mouthfeel options that cater to consumer preferences.

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Furthermore, food extrusion offers artistic freedom in design that few other techniques can match. Whether it's innovative breakfast cereals or playful snacks, extrusion allows manufacturers to bring their creative vision to life.

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Lastly, extrusion also improves the digestibility of products. By gelatinizing starch, the extrusion process produces food that is easier to digest, benefiting both taste and nutritional value.


extrusion is the future

In a world where consumers are constantly seeking the next best product, food extrusion provides the tools to meet those demands. It's not just a production technique; it's the technique for the future of food innovation.

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