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DFE processes a large number of natural raw materials, from protein to starch, serving a wide range of industries. This requires controlled production environments. We are happy to discuss the guarantees you require. On this page, you will find an overview of the raw materials that are possible at DFE. Blends of various raw materials are also possible. If your raw material is not listed, please contact us to discuss your ideas.



Soy is still one of the most common raw materials for making meat substitutes (TVP). The texture of soy is unique. In addition, soy is widely used to enrich products with protein. Soy also contains all essential amino acids. It also contains vitamins, minerals, and isoflavone compounds. Water absorption is excellent, and soy proteins can also stabilize emulsions. 

A blend of soy concentrate and soy isolate can be used to achieve an optimal balance between texture, mouthfeel, and taste. 

Available in: chunks, flakes, granules.

Applications: meat substitutes (e.g., vegetarian burgers, sausages, and nuggets), breakfast cereals, energy bars.

Soy TVP.
Pea TVP small


Peas are increasingly used in the extrusion process. Peas require less land and water to grow compared to soy, making them a sustainable alternative. Despite containing fewer amino acids than soy, peas are an excellent source for making meat substitutes. Pea proteins are also suitable for people intolerant to soy or wheat. Pea proteins have a relatively neutral taste. They are often used in products aimed at consumers looking for plant-based, protein-rich, and/or gluten-free options. 

Available in: flakes, granules, shreds 

Applications: meat substitutes, snacks, breakfast cereals



By extruding wheat, it can be excellently used as crispy breadcrumbs, but also as a meat substitute, breakfast cereal, or snack, among others. It can also be used as a thickening agent in soups or sauces, for example. Extruded wheat has unparalleled water absorption, has a neutral taste, and is easily combinable with other ingredients. Textures can vary from airy to very crispy. Extruded wheat gluten forms fibers that, unlike soy or peas, have higher elasticity. 

Available in: shreds, granules, flake, strips 

Applications: ao. coatings, meat substitutes, toppings (salad), breakfast cereals


Wheat TVP small
Fava TVP

fava bean

The fava bean has been on the rise in recent years. It is increasingly grown in Europe. Fava beans naturally contain anti-nutrients that are broken down by extrusion, making the nutrients in fava beans more readily available for absorption by the body. Fava beans, as a crop, contribute to soil improvement through nitrogen fixation. Extruded fava beans retain their fiber content and have a more neutral taste than, for example, soy. 

Available in: shreds, chunks, ring 

Applications: TVP, snack, cereal



Extruded corn can be widely used in the food industry. The applications and uses are broad. Cornflakes, breakfast cereals, snacks, baby food, or making pudding, among others. Corn's unique feature is its natural sweetness, and depending on the extrusion process, its texture can be light and airy or crispy. Since corn is gluten-free, it can be used to provide texture and structure where wheat is normally used. 


Available in: various forms, "coarsely ground" 

Applications: cereal, snack

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Crispies whey

milk & whey

DFE produces crispies based on milk and whey for sports and fitness nutrition. The crispies can also be used as a topping or ingredient for energy bars, the chocolate industry, or cereal. 




Available in: granules, various colors, sizes, and flavors 

Applications: cereal, snack, fitness



Rice Crispies based on rice can be widely used. As pudding for fitness and sports applications, but also as an ingredient for various recipes. It increases volume and reduces calories and costs. Rice adds a crunchy character to the product. 




Available in: crispies, flakes, various sizes, and colors 

Applications: cereal, snack, bars, chocolate coating

Aardappel crumbs


DFE extrudes potato starch for the coating of (frozen) snack products such as fish sticks and chicken nuggets. It ensures that these products have a crispy and attractive outer layer and helps retain taste and moisture. 




Available in: crumbs 

Applications: coating


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