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DFE is a true family business with a 90-year tradition in logistics and production. We feel a strong connection to this heritage, as it's where we developed our craftsmanship and made our investments. Therefore, it's no wonder that knowledge, reliability, and customer orientation are just as important to us as they are to you.


packaging to add the right value

Packaging or repackaging in the most practical packaging for your product, customer, or further processing. Perhaps even in your own corporate style and with the appearance that suits your product or company. We understand the requirements, desires, and the world of packaging, even though they can change quickly at times. As a flexible partner, we can package in any desired format, from consumer packaging to Big bags.


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Optimizing the supply chain

By land, sea, or air. Since 1932, we've understood the importance of excellent global logistics. While you focus on your core activities, we manage the entire supply chain, from raw materials to the end product. We've invested in our warehouses and fleet, so we're not reliant on third parties. We provide peace of mind and ensure just-in-time deliveries.


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