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Efficient & determined

Responding immediately. Following through. And ‘just’ consistently delivering the same high quality. This is what’s important to us at Driessen Food Extrusion.

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At our family company, which has its roots in the logistics sector, our sleeves are always rolled up. Because of our background, we know how to deal with problems better than anyone: we have a keen eye for the moments during which these can occur, and for solutions. And this is evident. From the specific questions that we ask. From the fact that we offer all aspects of food extrusion and more, from product development to transport. And from a lead time of only one week on average.

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Tarwe extrusion
Because of our background in logistics, we’re used to following through and always looking for more efficient solutions. That’s why we at Driessen Food Extrusion deliver very quickly: within one week.
- Peter-Alexander Driessen, CEO

Our process is just as practical as we are

At Driessen Food Extrusion, the setup of our extrusion process is modular, and thus as practical as possible.

For every production, we align precisely the right operations. Furthermore, the individual production steps are also very efficient. A compact, fast dryer/cooler instead of a conveyor-belt dryer, for example. A cracker to reduce the size of the end product instead of a grinder that produces unusable powder. And we don’t use intermediate storage, but produce your end product as quickly and intelligently as possible. This ensures that you can count on a partner who doesn’t only think with you, but also thinks ahead.